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Building Energy Simulation
Whole building energy simulation models are 3-D computer representations of buildings that account for nearly every aspect of it including envelop construction types, equipment power densities, efficiency, and operation schedules. Utilizing local weather data, energy use is characterized for every hour of the year for that location to provide insight to how it uses energy.

ManFac-radWorking with commercial software applications as well as tools we develop in our creative tinker tank, StudioisideO, ISIDEO provides customized energy simulation services to design teams, building owners, and energy program managers.

ARSCampus-radWe provide whole building energy simulation and technology-specific energy analysis to Architects, Engineers, consultants, and to building owners alike. From historic and existing buildings to conceptual designs, we characterize the metrics that mean most to you.

FireHall-PV-radISIDEO provides simulation services for design teams working with the updated City of Boulder Energy Conservation Code (COBECC) to identify cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities and demonstrate code compliance.

Building upon our design experience, we’ve utilized our understanding of complex energy systems within the built environment to focus our energy modeling capabilities to provide unbiased energy use analysis. 

ISIDEO supports the work of industry professionals in support of Regenerative Human Habitats [cc].

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