caleb rockenbaugh PE, LEED-AP

Prior to working with the US Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), providing energy assessments, renewable energy screenings, and new technology evaluations, Caleb worked in the design and construction of high performance buildings with a focus on whole building energy simulation.

His experience includes net zero energy residential buildings, high performance schools, as well as data center and lab facilities where he has worked to maximize energy efficiency and to incorporate and optimize renewable energy technologies.

Caleb is a Registered Professional Engineer, a LEED® Accredited Professional, Director of the Colorado Chapter of the [link] International Institute of Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL). He is 10yr+ member of ASHRAE, a member of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES), the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), and the Colorado Straw Bale Association (COSBA).

In other words:
I’m Caleb; founding partner and resident do-it-all with ISIDEO. A Licensed Professional Engineer (CO) and LEED® Accredited Professional, I’ve pursued natural building, maximized energy efficiency, and optimized renewable energy as primary tools towards making the world a better place. Truly.

From the design of net-zero energy custom residential straw bale homes to 48MW combined heat and power (CHP) central plants generating and distributing 1.2 billion pounds of steam and more than 64 million ton-hours of chilled water serving hospitals and critical research facilities in a campus setting, my experience has all served this end.

Having worked in the design of high performance schools throughout Colorado, I’m an effective partner with the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) [link] which focuses to facilitate productive learning environments through healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient schools.

I’ve come to best utilize the energy simulation skills I’ve honed over the years of meticulous LEED models, regional utility incentive programs, and federal tax credit documentation to provide detailed analysis of measures identified in facility energy assessments (audits) provided. 

Having worked with numerous simulation programs and supporting software packages, I’ve enabled myself to work outside the [black] box; to provide clarity in analysis and confidence to numbers.

After a fateful trip to Taos, NM ahead of the Summer Solstice in 2002, I returned home to Ohio to do an about-face, moved to Colorado and became immersed in what would be the straw bale resurgence of the millenia. And it continues through today.

Working with designers, architects, engineers, and craftsfolks alike, I’ve designed, built, and enjoyed numerous natural building projects. From earthen floors and sculpted walls to custom homes in co-housing settings, I’ve come to dig (sculpt) nichos and see truth in windows.

As a father, I have a keen interest in doing my part to make the world a better place. I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with folks doing the same. 

I run on trails and commute on bikes. I appreciate the opportunities that mountain living provides. I look forward to us working together. Be in touch with me here:

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