publications & acknowledgements

p-centricExperience within ISIDEO crosses industries with unique capabilities within residential, commercial, and energy intensive environments including laboratories, data centers, rural agriculture and contemporary horticulture facilities.

See some of work in the links below.

2016 CERES Greenhouse Solutions (Contributor)
The Year Round Solar Greenhouse

2016 GSA Green Proving Program
High Performance Flat Plate Solar Thermal Collector Evaluation

2015 US Department of Energy
NREL Solar Technical Assistance Team (STAT) Podcast

2013 International Institute of Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL)
A Tale of Two Campuses: Energy Use Metering and Estimation

2013 US Department of Energy (DOE)
Energy Efficiency in Higher Education

2012 US Department of Energy (DOE)
Guide to Integrating Renewable Energy into Federal Construction

2011 ASHRAE Summer Conference – Montreal, Canada
Alternative Cooling Strategies for Data Center Environments

Targeting Net Zero Energy at Ft. Carson: Assessment and Recommendations

regenerative human habitats (cc)