studio|isideo is the creative tinker tank within ISIDEO.

Over the years studio|isideo has become much more that custom furniture and home decor. While selling furniture is great, true love is sharing knowledge with those who want to learn. In the hope that we can inspire the next generation of craftsman in an ever shrinking industry. studio|isideo will never stop creating and innovating furniture and functional art. We see it as a perfect marriage with education

With a presence in rural Ohio and Boulder, Colorado, we are fortunate enough to have access to some of the best woods in the world. We specialize in live edge, epoxy resin river tables, and unique solid wood furniture and wall art.

Our client list ranges from first time home owners to large commercial spaces. Most of what we do is custom, so you will never have to apologize for wanting your piece exactly how you want it. Exactly how you want it is all we do.

We hope you enjoy exploring our site and a get a chance to see our past projects, current inventory available for sale, or request a custom quote to start your own custom creation.

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